Dog School by Dry Paws
Puppy training and dog behaviour correction

Creating a better life for you and your furbaby

Dry Paws online dog school provides the best dog education and training packages and workshops throughout the year, with each addressing specific aspects of training, behavioural correction and socialisation. Bring your pup home with confidence and guide them through their life journey with Dry Paws today!
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What We offer

Dog Education & Training to further your bond with your baby from pup to senior.

We are offering Practical Education guidebooks for you and your furbaby

Expert training

We’re passionate about ensuring our dogs succeed. That’s why we invest in our knowledge so we can pass on our expertise and knowledge to our students

Online Consultations

 Gain hands-on experience in a virtual environment. Workshops provide you with the knowledge and skills to consult with your furbaby remotely to train and correct behaviour

(Coming soon)

Global Classroom

A complete built-in social network for connecting with other fur learners. The only online dog course platform that helps you ask questions and connect with peers pup learners.
About Us

Why choose Dry Paws dog school for your furbaby.


Dog School by Dry Paws is designed to fit into your lifestyle, so you can train whenever or wherever you are.

For dogs
of all ages

From Puppy to Senior Dogs our courses range from introducing a new puppy, tricks, barking, biting, socialisation, walking and diet and so much more.

and easy

Make it easier to find time for training with our wide range of short and effective lessons to suit you and your furbaby's lifestyle.


Our courses are currently completely free for your and your furbaby!
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New courses added weekly!

As your dog is continuously growing and learning, it can sometimes be challenging to stay up to date with the newest and most effecting training and behaviour correction. If you want to provide the best care possible for your furbaby it is important to continuously keep educating yourself. That is where our education program comes in. Dry Paws is dedicated to adding new education courses weekly and for you, this is a great way to stay current on the latest techniques and tips.

Simplest way to online fur-learning

Join the best online learning community for furbabies.

FREE coupon, $20 OFF your Dry Paws order inside today only! 👇

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Puppy Pads & Accident Protection

Dry Paws™ multi-purpose puppy pad uses are endless! You might start with puppy training and very soon you will discover just how useful they are during your day to day activities with your pet.

Behaviour Training

All of the training products on our site relate to modern positive reinforcement dog training methods, they have been tried and tested by our quality team and come recommended by dog trainers and animal behaviourists world wide.

Pup Bedding & Throws

We understand that staying comfortable while maintaining durability, machine washable, and designed to handle your smelly furbaby is a must. Helping them feel protected from danger while your home is safe from mess.

Harnesses's & Walking

Did you know that pressure caused by the collar can hurt the neck & can damage the trachea. Dogs who pull on the leash should always be walked on harnesses if you want your dog to be safe, secure and comfortable while walking beside you.
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Train the smartest, most social dog on the block

High quality dog education for pup parents

Our online dog education courses is a great way to stay current on the latest techniques and tricks, as well as keeping current on the most important behaviour correction, tricks and training. With new lessons added weekly, you don't want your dog to be the only one missing out... Get started today 👇

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